High Pressure Water Cleaning

Cold water h.p.washers are the ideal solution in all those areas where you can’t use hot water, for example in the food industry where HACCP regulations do not allow such high temperatures, so the use of appropriate solutions can get the best cleaning in accordance with the regulations and the environment. 

The cold water high pressure washers are commonly used in the ship building, to scrape, remove and water sandblast, in the building area for facade cleaning, cleaning of vehicles and boats, car wash and food industry for surface cleaning and more. 

We offer a complete range of cold water h.p. washers developed to meet the different needs of the customers that look for professional products for continuous or also heavy uses. According to this viewpoint, we have also developed some petrol h.p. washers that have been designed specifically for being totally independent of external energy sources, ensuring maximum performances and efficiency. Browse the site to choose between professional cleaning machines that are suitable for you

Advantages in using cold water h.p. washers  

  • Lower investments compared to the hot water h.p. washers
  • Reduced working time
  • Keeping of the regulations and of the environment


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