The boom – optimised right down to the finest detail


The boom – optimised right down to the finest detail

the boom

PCP m56-5 ansicht IMG 7026 504x247

Ready for a wider range of applications, thanks to the high level of flexibility

  • The 5-arm boom with roll-Z-folding system provides an extremely high degree of flexibility and, as a result, ensures economical use in many applications.
  • The lack of dead space (area that cannot be reached by the boom tip) and the outstanding slip characteristics ensure that the new 56-5 can even be used where some other machines have to pass by.
  • Comprehensive utilisation of the net reach thanks to the optimised kinematics

Safety is at the forefront during operation

PCP m56-5 mast seitlich IMG 0327 200x312

When designing the arm assembly, particular attention was paid to user-friendliness and safety.

  • Minimal boom vibrations, even at high outputs, thanks to the subtlepath of the delivery line and the continuous, harmonious rigidity of the steel structure – thus making the distribution of concrete more efficient and safer.
  • Boom responds directly to control commands from the machine operator thanks to the weight reduction and the optimised design of the boom control.

When customers require a service

  • No need for laborious alignment of the delivery line when replacing pipes
  • Longer service life for the delivery line as a result of the wear-optimised 45° delivery line bends with long collars in every quality type

Base Structure

The new base structure – optimised support concept, longer service life and lower costs

PCP M56-5 frei schraeg hinten IMG 6982 504x307

Stable in the smallest space

  • Securely supported by the tried and tested TRDI support, designed by Putzmeister
  • Support width 12.1 m
  • One-Side-Support (OSS, optional) if space is tight: support width front 5.7 m, rear 8.3 m
  • Double telescoping support legs can also be placed between obstacles.
  • Optimum net reach as a result of tight set-up dimensions

More space for more accessories

  • The open and wide flatbed with anti-slip surface provides sufficient space for accessories and increases accessibility for maintenance and service work.

Lower costs and improved service

  • The maintenance-free components and the consistent use of the same parts all reduce the operating and maintenance costs significantly.
  • Reduced service effort and lower costs thanks to the excellent accessibility to all system components

Pump and hopper

PCP M56-5 hinten IMG 7024. 504x581jpg 

For the 56-5, there is the tried and tested range of pumps: 16 H and the wear-optimised, stroke-reduced 16 H LS.

Wear-optimised and service-optimised

  • Non-bending direct deck piping without offset bends
  • Easy-to-replace cylinder-sealing kits
  • Core pump mounting suspension with no welding joints
  • Simple and robust bearing of S transfer tube and hopper
  • Vibrator can be positioned as required thanks to the screwed-in grille
  • Optimised S transfer tube bearing
  • The fluid cooler that is integrated into the support leg ensures optimal cooling of the hydraulic fluid, even in OSS operation.


Safe design and operation

  • Universal conformity in accordance with international standards and licensing regulations
  • Use of new technologies, such as RFID
  • Option to integrate underride protection
  • Slip-resistant folding steps
  • Working platform available as an option


pcp 42-5 eps-hilfemenu 200x136   pcp 36-4 eps-startbildschirm 13 PM 074 frei 200x136
 Help menu    Start screen with most important data

 Operating and service costs

  • By avoiding using special components, parts are more readily available, your storage costs go down and identification is made easier.
  • Optimised accessibility to system components improves servicing times and therefore reduces periods of inoperation and downtime of the machine.
  • Continuous optimisation in terms of service life
  • Maintenance-free components


pcp 42-5 eps-pumpeinstellungen 200x137   pcp 42-5 eps-statusuebersicht 200x136
 Pump settings and pressure/volume limit    Overview of the system status
and fault management

With EPS – Ergonic® Pump System – ensuring perfect operation.
As standard!pcp 42-5 eps-pumpmengenzaehler 200x137

  • Smooth pumping process
  • Fewer noise emissions and lower fuel consumption thanks to EOC
  • Low wear
  • Fault management
  • Fully electronic control of the concrete pump
  • Vibrations in the machine and boom are reduced
  • Fewer hydraulic components
  • EOC (Ergonic® Output Control) is included in EPS
  • EGD (Ergonic® Graphic Display) with help menu
  • Electric, centralized lubrication system hopper, as standard



 Technical data

Technical data: Placing boom 56-5

Folding type   5-arm roll-Z-folding (RZ)  

PCP 56 5 reichweite 300x401

Dimensions are model-dependent and may vary:
total height ≤ 4000 mm, total width ≤ 2500 mm.
Gross weight depending on equipment and chassis ≤ 24,3 t

Vertical reach   55.1 m  
Horizontal reach   49.9 m gross  
Reach depth   40.3 m  
Unfolding height   12.2 m  
Length end hose   3 m  
Delivery lines   DN 125, max. 85 bar  
Slewing range   365°  
Support width
OSS (optional)
  front   /  rear
9.3 m / 12.1 m
5.7 m / 8.3 m
Length in total   14.1 m  
Height   under 4,0 m  

 PCP 56 5 abstuetz normal 200x129

PCP 56 5 abstuetz OSS 200x148


Practically equipped

PCP 36-4 wassertank 17 PM 131 250x150   PCP 36-4 oelkuehler 18 PM 129 175x150  
Water tank with 800 l capacity (as standard)   The fluid cooler that is integrated into the support leg ensures optimal cooling of the hydraulic fluid, even in OSS operation (OSS optional).  
PCP M56-5 Ausstattung mili 250x196   PCP M56-5 Ausstattung mire IMG 0354 175x196  
The open and wide flatbed provides much space and free accessibility - Rotatable 45° delivery line bends with long collars for a longer service life of the delivery line   Maintenance-free bolt of the support legs  
PCP M56-5 ausstattung unli IMG 0346 250x103   PCP M56-5 Ausstattung unre IMG 0323 175x103  
Folding steps right and left side of the hopper - Agitator safety cut-out via RFID with power-on guard   Central lubrication system