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For the 56-5, there is the tried and tested range of pumps: 16 H and the wear-optimised, stroke-reduced 16 H LS.

Wear-optimised and service-optimised

  • Non-bending direct deck piping without offset bends
  • Easy-to-replace cylinder-sealing kits
  • Core pump mounting suspension with no welding joints
  • Simple and robust bearing of S transfer tube and hopper
  • Vibrator can be positioned as required thanks to the screwed-in grille
  • Optimised S transfer tube bearing
  • The fluid cooler that is integrated into the support leg ensures optimal cooling of the hydraulic fluid, even in OSS operation.

Safe design and operation

  • Universal conformity in accordance with international standards and licensing regulations
  • Use of new technologies, such as RFID
  • Option to integrate underride protection
  • Slip-resistant folding steps
  • Working platform available as an option
pcp 42-5 eps-hilfemenu 200x136   pcp 36-4 eps-startbildschirm 13 PM 074 frei 200x136
 Help menu    Start screen with most important data

 Operating and service costs

  • By avoiding using special components, parts are more readily available, your storage costs go down and identification is made easier.
  • Optimised accessibility to system components improves servicing times and therefore reduces periods of inoperation and downtime of the machine.
  • Continuous optimisation in terms of service life
  • Maintenance-free components
pcp 42-5 eps-pumpeinstellungen 200x137   pcp 42-5 eps-statusuebersicht 200x136
 Pump settings and pressure/volume limit    Overview of the system status
and fault management

With EPS – Ergonic® Pump System – ensuring perfect operation.
As standard!pcp 42-5 eps-pumpmengenzaehler 200x137

  • Smooth pumping process
  • Fewer noise emissions and lower fuel consumption thanks to EOC
  • Low wear
  • Fault management
  • Fully electronic control of the concrete pump
  • Vibrations in the machine and boom are reduced
  • Fewer hydraulic components
  • EOC (Ergonic® Output Control) is included in EPS
  • EGD (Ergonic® Graphic Display) with help menu
  • Electric, centralized lubrication system hopper, as standard