IMG 0327 200x312 the boom

  • The 5-arm boom with roll-Z-folding system provides an extremely high degree of flexibility and, as a result, ensures economical use in many applications.
  • The lack of dead space (area that cannot be reached by the boom tip) and the outstanding slip characteristics ensure that the new 56-5 can even be used where some other machines have to pass by.
  • Comprehensive utilisation of the net reach thanks to the optimised kinematics

Safety is at the forefront during operation

When designing the arm assembly, particular attention was paid to user-friendliness and safety.

  • Minimal boom vibrations, even at high outputs, thanks to the subtle-path of the delivery line and the continuous, harmonious rigidity of the steel structure – thus making the distribution of concrete more efficient and safer.
  • Boom responds directly to control commands from the machine operator 

When customers require a service

  • No need for laborious alignment of the delivery line when replacing pipes
  • Longer service life for the delivery line as a result of the wear-optimised 45° delivery line bends with long collars in every quality type

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